Cedar Grove UMC
Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Reaching Out, Growing Close, Changing Lives

Leadership & Committees


The Church Council

Pastor:  Glen Arnold
Council Chairperson:  Jeanne Haas
Recording Secretary:  Diana Seen
Committee Chairs: 
     Finance - Betsy Weinkam
     SPRC - Cindy Rothhaas
     Trustees - Paul Seen
Lay Leader:  Greg Witte
Martha Lydia Circle/Women's Ministry:  Linda Keiffer
Missions Representative:  Ingrid Quimby-High
Sunday School Superintendent:  Sharon Staley
Treasurer:  Bill Kline
Worship Coordinators:  Becky Haring & Doug Sheidy
Youth Ministry:  Pam Foster
Church Council At Large:  Kevin Roby

Church Committees and Members:

Staff Parish Relations Committee:
Cindy Rothaas (Chairperson)
Robyn Case, Kathy Monday, Trish Woods - 2017
Mitzi Roby, Steve Richardson, Mark Clay - 2018
Cindy Rothhaas, Charlie Brown, Pam Smith - 2019
  Currently meets quarterly

Trustees Committee:

Paul Seen (Chairperson)
Paul Seen, Carla Hultberg, Michael Johnson - 2017
Howard Dew, Cindy Rothhaas, Will Seger - 2018
Kevin Roby, Renee Power, Pam Morton - 2019
Currently meets every other month

Nominations & Lay Leadership Development:

Bill Kline, Debbie Fellner - 2017
Sharon Staley, Melinda Keenan - 2018
Peggy L'Hommedieu, Marjorie Johnson - 2019
  Pastor is permanent chairperson
      Meets 2-3 times late Summer/Early Fall  to fill vacancies  

Missions Committee:

Chairperson - Ingrid Quimby-High
Ingrid Quimby-High, Stacey Witte - 2017
Theresa Lumsden, Gennie Fisanich - 2018
Pam Morton, Sandy Burns - 2019
  Currently meets quarterly at call of chair

Membership Secretary:  Carla Hultberg
Lay Members to Annual Conference:  Mike & Jeanne Haas
Office Administrator:  Carla Hultberg
Bookkeeper:  Megan Jackson

Those listed above represent you, the membership of Cedar Grove UMC.  If you have a question, suggestion, comment or concern, please contact the individual responsible for the area of interest.  Of course, you may always contact the Council Chairperson or the Pastor.